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The terms of agreement should have, as a minimum, statements that encompass the following principles.
  1. You attest that images are owned by you or you have been granted permission to reproduce the submitted images.
  2. You acknowledge that canvas photos are only guaranteed to be free from material and ink application defects. Quality Canvas Photos (QCP) will attempt to contact customers when the photo image quality is considered to be of low quality for the print size ordered. This process is at the sole discretion of QCP. Customers not receiving prior notice, as well as those who do not respond within 24 hours of our email send date/time, are not entitled to any refund privileges beyond those provided under Our Guarantees.
  3. You acknowledge that our guarantees are provided to allow a customer to use our service to receive a quality product without risk, but that guarantees are not able to cover such items as errors or omissions made by you in ordering.
  4. We promise to protect your personal data and image files. Personal data will be retained for accounting and audit purposes as may be required by law.
  5. We promise not to share, sell or in any other way distribute personal information.
  6. We do not accept pornographic photos, nudes (except babies and infant) nor other potentially offensive materials.
  7. You acknowledge that canvas prints are different in nature from paper prints, and that the use of the term matte by Quality Canvas Photos denotes a finish devoid of sheen, while the use of the term semi-gloss by Quality Canvas Photos denotes a finish which demonstrates some reflective characteristics.
  8. You acknowledge that Quality Canvas Photos treats all Gallery Wrap canvas with the UV protective coating, and that orders placed for matte canvas will have matteprotective coating applied and orders placed for semigloss canvas will have gloss protective coating applied. The matte protective coating has a slight reflective quality and is not absolutely flat.
  9. You acknowledge that by selecting a finish of semi-gloss on our order page, you are requesting your photo to be printed on our semi-gloss finish canvas.
  10. You acknowledge that the our canvas prints can be damaged by direct contact with water.
  11. You understand that Quality Canvas Photos, in an effort to ensure you a quality product, may not print your image file if it does not meet the resolution requirements or aspect ratio of the ordered enlargement size. We will attempt contact you within 2 business days of this concern in an effort to discuss your options or provide directions. Delays caused by the need to communicate with you regarding these issues do not entitle you to any compensation or special handling beyond our standard service levels, and Quality Canvas Photos assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages you may incur related to these delays.
  12. Errors or omissions made by Quality Canvas Photos will be corrected given a reasonable amount of time, however Quality Canvas Photos' liability for any damages related to these errors or omissions is limited to the amount paid by you to Quality Canvas Photos for the related product(s). Other forms of compensation, not to exceed the cost of goods/services purchased, may be made by mutual agreement between you and Quality Canvas Photos.
  13. You understand that Quality Canvas Photos uses standard USPS Priority shipping (for US destinations) or USPS Air Mail or Global Priority shipping (for non-US destinations), and that Quality Canvas Photos cannot guarantee delivery times through these services. You acknowledge that time to delivery does not qualify you for any refund or compensation except where the shipping company provides these guarantees, and then any refunds will only be paid once Quality Canvas Photos receives a refund from the shipper.
  14. You acknowledge that Quality Canvas Photos is not responsible or liable for payment of any additional fees that may be levied against the import of canvas prints into Canada or other non-US destination, including, but not limited to, GST, PST, HST, VAT, Brokerage fees or other service charges.
  15. You agree to register a claim with the Shipping company and provide proof of such claim to Quality Canvas Photos for damaged shipments prior to being sent a replacement.
  16. You agree that you will pay the cost of returning any damaged or defective canvas print under our Guarantee Policy, and that this cost will not be reimbursed.
  17. You agree that Quality Canvas Photos is not responsible for lost shipments once delivery confirmation has been provided by the Shipping company.
  18. You acknowledge that any print returned under our guarantee policy must be returned in the condition it was received to qualify for refund, and that Quality Canvas Photos has the right to dispose of the returned canvas in any way we chose, including selling of the canvas print.
  19. You acknowledge that in some cases printing may occur within minutes of placing an order and once images are printed Quality Canvas Photos cannot cancel your order or refund your purchase.
  20. You agree that Quality Canvas Photos has the right to refuse to print any image that we believe, for whatever reason, does not meet our standards.
  21. You acknowledge that damage to a canvas photo print during stretching, mounting, framing or any other means caused by you, the Customer, or a third-party working on your behalf (whether paid or unpaid), will not be covered by Quality Canvas Photos and you indemnify Quality Canvas Photos from any related liability.
  22. You acknowledge that gallery wrap prints are intended to be displayed without outer frames and therefore the size of gallery wrap canvas prints may vary by +/- 1/4" from the size ordered. You also agree to contact Quality Canvas Photos if your intent is to have a gallery wrap canvas print framed, thereby allowing Quality Canvas Photos to opportunity to ensure your gallery wrap print will fit into your standard outer frame.
  23. You acknowledge that gallery wrap stretching of a rolled canvas without the UV protective coating can result in surface cracks of the ink layer on the edge folds and that these cracks do not qualify as defects or cause for replacement or refund.
  24. You acknowledge that Quality Canvas photos has the right to change its printers, inks, canvas media, stretcher bars, stretching process, prices, shipping and process timeframes at any time, and that only in-process orders are entitled to the services, materials, prices and processes that were available when their order was placed. Quality Canvas Photos can not guarantee the same materials, processes, medias, inks or shipping methods of previous orders.
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